Comprehensive and authoritative, the 1450-page, two-volume Guide is easy-to-use and will save thousands of dollars in legal fees and hundreds of hours in staff time. It is the ultimate roadmap for compliance with state and federal laws and is available for $595 per set.

Guide to State and Federal Drug-Testing Laws


Drug testing in American workplaces is the norm – it is an integral part of our hiring process and our employment process in this country today. No publication is more helpful to employers in this regard than the Guide to State and Federal Drug-Testing Laws.

In fact, no lawyers are more experienced and more capable in this area than this publication’s authors. At Halliburton, we have worked extensively with Mark de Bernardo and Jackson Lewis in regard to many employment issues, including drug-testing and drug-abuse-prevention issues, and we further recognize the outstanding professionalism, capabilities, and expertise of the Firm, and more specifically of the primary author of this publication, Mark de Bernardo.

I have known and worked closely with Mark for many years, and I frequently rely on his legal counsel and advice. His knowledge, leadership, and legal abilities in the field of drug testing are unparalleled. He, and his Firm, Jackson Lewis, provide excellent legal representation in this area, as well as in many other employment, labor, and benefits law areas.

This year, I again am honored to introduce the Guide – a publication vital to human resources and legal professionals such as myself.

The laws pertaining to workplace drug testing in the United States are continually in transition – expansion and change coming from the courts, the legislatures, and the regulatory agencies at both the Federal and state levels. Commensurate with these changes, the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees are dynamic, and the need for national employers, such as mine, to evaluate and reevaluate their programs on a continuing basis is both necessary and appropriate.

Moreover, there also are dynamic changes in the areas of law related to employer substance-abuse-prevention programs, such as workers’ compensation, unemployment compensation, disability discrimination, privacy, employee assistance, and leave policy – and these changes also require close employer attention and recognition.

In this regard, there is no single resource as valuable, up-to-date, accurate, and/or useful as the Guide to State and Federal Drug-Testing Laws produced by the Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace and the lawyers of Jackson Lewis. This is an essential and invaluable addition to the bookshelf of any labor and employment law practitioner, human resources professional, and/or administrator of workplace drug testing and substance-abuse-prevention programs.

Moreover, this publication is extremely straightforward, well-organized, easy-to-use, and comprehensive. I find the legal analysis succinct, unerring, and extremely useful, and I know that thousands of practitioners in this area have come to rely on this publication as their “bible” in this difficult and ever-changing area of law.

The Institute has long been recognized as a leader in advancing the interests of the responsible employer community regarding these issues. The Institute clearly has had a very positive impact in both Washington and at the state level regarding policy making that will strike the appropriate balance between employer and employee interests, rights, and responsibilities, and will help achieve the common goal of working environments that are free from the highly detrimental impacts of substance abuse. The Institute is undoubtedly the leading voice for the employer community in this regard, and is a “player” in Congress, state legislatures, the courts, and the regulatory agencies. As an organization, its effectiveness and influence are exceptional.

Halliburton recognizes and appreciates the Institute’s many contributions to promoting drug-free workplaces, model employer practices, model legislation, and protection of important employee rights, and the Institute’s influence in reshaping laws, regulations, and public policy in this regard – and is proud to be an active Institute member, supporter, and participant.

I respectfully urge your company or organization to strongly consider participation in the Institute and support for its worthwhile goals (if you are not already a member). Halliburton finds membership in the Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace to be a worthy investment, and to be invaluable to our Company and to its substance-abuse-prevention efforts. I hope that you and your organization will benefit from this edition of this outstanding and highly useful publication as much as my colleagues and I have benefited from previous editions of the Guide to State and Federal Drug-Testing Laws, and I wish you success in achieving a working environment in which the safety, health, and well-being of all employees is protected and employee substance abuse is eliminated.

William L. Bedman, Esq.
Senior Director, HR Legal
Houston, Texas
November 2013