Most employees, like their employers, are strongly against drug use in the workplace. When you educate employees about the dangers of drugs in the workplace, there is a ripple effect – inform employees and you also inform families and the community at-large about the dangers of substance abuse.


Drug Abuse Awareness Pamphlets

Providing handouts for employees and their families is an important component of a successful workplace drug education and awareness program. The Institute’s hugely popular pamphlets (over 2 million copies have been sold) give employees answers to many common questions about drugs and alcohol and a better understanding of the risks and effects.

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Workplace Drug Prevention Guides

Adopting a substance-abuse-prevention policy is the most effective way to combat drug and alcohol abuse and its negative effects on the workplace today (including decreased productivity and increased accidents, turnover, absenteeism, employee theft, product defects and medical, insurance and workers’ compensation costs). Drug testing is not for all employers; a formal written policy against substance abuse is. Every employer in the United States should have a policy.

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Guide to State and Federal Drug-Testing Laws

Comprehensive and authoritative, the 1450-page, two-volume Guide to State and Federal Drug-Testing Laws is easy-to-use and will save thousands of dollars in legal fees and hundreds of hours in staff time. It is the ultimate roadmap for compliance with state and federal laws and is available for $595 per set.

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