Drugs at Work
Happy Anniversary, Drug-Free Workplace Act
25th anniversary of enactment on November 18, 2013.
Clearing the Haze
Liberalization of marijuana laws producing impaired drivers. More
A New Year’s Resolution on Prescription Drugs
What needs to change in pain management.

The Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace is a national 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation dedicated to preserving the rights of employers and employees in drug- and alcohol-abuse-prevention programs, and to positively influencing national policy in this area.

The Institute offers resources for employers and employees on substance-abuse detection, prevention, policy implementation, and employee education. Drug testing in American workplaces is the norm – it is an integral part of today’s hiring process and employment process.

Mark A. de Bernardo

Mark A. de Bernardo

founder and Executive Director of the Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace, is also a Partner in the Washington, DC Region Office of Jackson Lewis, a preeminent labor and employment law firm with more than 750 employment lawyers in 52 offices.

He is a nationally recognized expert on workplace drug testing and substance-abuse-prevention issues, and concentrates his practice in these areas.

Articles Quoting Mark de Bernardo

“Drug Use on Decline at Work,
Except Rx”

for the Wall Street Journal.

“Drug-Free Workplace Act Turns 25”
for the Human Resource Executive Online.

“Arizona passes medical marijuana initiative”
for the Daily Caller.

Why Become a
Member of the Institute?
The Institute — through and by its members — believes that the business community has a leading and highly legitimate role in preventing drug abuse, and that employers are fully capable of winning their “war on drugs”.
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Drug Abuse News on the Web

The blunt truth – White House Drug Czar contradicts Obama on marijuana

The Office of National Drug Control Policy cites research undermining Obama’s recent statements on marijuana.

The Impact of Drug Policies on our World

Experts consider the implications of trends in marijuana use, including the economic impacts of marijuana legalization and changing attitudes towards drug use among adolescents.


What Every Employee Should Know About Drug Abuse: Answers to 25 Good Questions

The 20-page, third edition of the hugely popular employee education and awareness pamphlet answers 25 of the most frequently asked employee questions.

What Every Employee Should Know About Alcohol Abuse: Answers to 25 Good Questions

This 20-page pamphlet answers – in easy-to-understand language – 25 of the most frequently asked employee questions about alcohol abuse, its impact on the workplace.

Guide to Dangerous Drugs

This full-color, 16-page pamphlet contains everything employers and employees need to know about the most widely abused drugs today.

Policy on Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention: An Employer’s Development & Implementation Guide

For those employers who are considering implementing a drug- and alcohol-abuse prevention policy, this16-page pamphlet provides both a simple five-sentence “company” model policy especially suitable for small businesses and a complete nine-section “corporate” model policy, with extensive commentary.