Test Clear Review — The Safest Way To Pass a Urine Drug Test

Test Clear Review — The Safest Way To Pass a Urine Drug Test

Whether you are a recreational smoker or an everyday user, if you have a urine drug test scheduled in the near future, you’re probably looking for the best way to pass it. Hopefully, our Test Clear review will help you decide whether this product is the safest bet for you.

Many people come to a situation where they have to take a drug test at some point. With the rise of drug usage, urine drug tests have become rather common. Parole officers, officials at substance abuse recovery programs, employers fighting to keep their offices drug-free — they’ve all resorted to urine tests to fight drug usage.

Therefore, we’ve decided to put Test Clear under a microscope and see if it works.

Our Test Clear review

Essentially, Test Clear is powdered urine. The idea behind the product is to submit it instead of your own urine sample. That way, urinalysis won’t be a problem for you. No one will know about your recreational or medical drug usage.

A great thing about Test Clear is that the kit includes all the equipment you need. Here is what you will find inside the kit:

  • One vial containing powdered urine
  • A 50-ml plastic medical transport vial (blue lid included)
  • One temperature strip attached to the medical transport vial
  • Two air-activated heaters

How does Test Clear work?

One of the main advantages of Test Clear is that it is quite simple to use. Here is what you need to do.

Firstly, transfer the powdered urine into the bigger, 50ml medical transport vial. Then, fill the vial completely with warm water and close the blue lid. Afterward, shake the vial until the powder dissolves entirely.

Now that you have created urine, the next step is to make sure it is the right temperature. Don’t worry, you don’t need to rub your hands against the vial to make it warm enough. This is what the air-activated heaters are for.

Open the heater package and attach one of the heaters to the transport vial. It is essential that you attach it opposite to the temperature strip. If the temperature is between 90 and 99 degrees, congratulations! Your urine is ready.

What’s so great about Test Clear?

Besides being simple to use, Test Clear has other advantages over other similar products. Here is what we found most useful.

1. Powdered, not synthetic urine

The fact that Test Clear is actually not fake urine is its strongest characteristic. But, what is the difference between powdered and fake urine?

Synthetic urine, as its name suggests, is a liquid containing different chemicals designed to imitate real human urine. However, laboratories have got used to people trying to fool drug tests by substituting their urine with a fake sample. Therefore, most urine drug tests are designed to identify the chemicals used for creating synthetic urine. Thus, if you use synthetic urine, you probably won’t pass the test. Even worse, your boss or parole officer will know you tried to cheat!

On the other hand, powdered urine is actual dehydrated human urine. Unlike synthetic urine, it contains uric acid, so it’s identical to live samples in every way. Therefore, it’s almost impossible to identify as a fake.

Whichever product you choose, we strongly advise you to pick a powdered, and not a synthetic one.

2. Short preparation time

Drug tests are usually announced at least a couple of days in advance. However, sometimes you will find out about them when it seems too late to come up with a strategy.

Preparing for a drug test on short notice can seem impossible. However, with Test Clear, you don’t have to be afraid. Even if your employer asks you to do a urine drug test in a couple of hours, you will have time to create a urine sample.

Nevertheless, while it is easiest for you to make the urine at home and then go to the lab, you should pay close attention to your timing. Make the urine maximum 45 – 60 minutes before the testing. That way, the temperature won’t drop by the time lab technicians receive the vial.

3. It’s reusable

If you need to provide a urine sample smaller than 50ml, you will still have some of the powder left. In that case, you’ll be happy to learn that Test Clear is reusable.

Bear in mind that you should keep the powder in a cool place, preferably in a refrigerator. Of course, before using it again, check its use-by date.

4. The packaging is discreet

Of course, you don’t want anyone to know that you’re trying to fool a drug test. For this reason, Test Clear has a small, discreet package that your neighbors and colleagues won’t pay attention to.

Test Clear Disadvantages

The main flaw of Test Clear is that you won’t find it in local stores or pharmacies. You have to buy it online, at the producer’s official website. Therefore, we suggest buying one in advance to have at home just in case.

We haven’t found any other flaws, but we noticed that in one Test Clear review a customer complained about its unpleasant smell. It’s true, but this is not something you should worry about — it smells exactly like a urine sample.

Finally, when using Test Clear, just like with all urine substitutes, you might encounter problems smuggling it into the lab. Lab technicians expect testees to try and fool the test, so they might search you. However, this is a problem you should expect when trying to fool a test with any product.

In Conclusion

Test Clear is a quality, reliable product for passing a urine drug test. It’s easy to use, requires little preparation time, and can be reused. Most importantly, it is a sample of real human urine, so if you manage to smuggle it in, your test will have negative results. Of course, the safest way to pass a test is to abstain from drugs. However, if you did use them and have a drug test coming up, this product might be the solution to all your problems. We hope this Test Clear review helps you make the best decision.

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