Monkey Whizz Review — Pass Your Urinalysis with Flying Colors

Monkey Whizz Review — Pass Your Urinalysis with Flying Colors

As urinalysis is the most common form of drug tests, submitting a substitute sample has become the most popular strategy. Hopefully, this Monkey Whizz review will help you decide if this is the right move for you.

Whether you’re doing a drug test as a part of a pre-employment process, as an annoying step of your parole checks, or because of a court order, you certainly want to do all you can to pass it.

There are many products available on the market that can help you with urine substitution. But how do you know if they will work? Check out this Monkey Whizz review, and you will find out if it will help you pass your test with flying colors.

Monkey Whizz review

To put it simply, Monkey Whizz is fake urine. You can hand it in instead of your own urine sample at the substance screening, and no one will know that you’ve cheated.

Synthetic urine is designed to look and smell just like real urine.

Monkey Whizz contains natural chemicals that help it imitate the composition of real human urine. There are two types of synthetic urine: powdered synthetic urine, which needs to be dissolved in water, and pre-mixed urine. Monkey Whizz falls into the latter category.

A Monkey Whizz kit contains all the equipment you’ll need to successfully fool the test. Here’s what you will find inside the package:

  • One urinator kit
  • A 3.5 oz. pouch filled with synthetic urine
  • Two heating pads
  • One temperature strip
  • A cotton belt (elastic) that fits up to a 54″ waist
  • An instruction manual

How to use Monkey Whizz

A great thing about Monkey Whizz is that it is pretty easy to use, and it doesn’t take much time. Follow this simple guide, and you’ll have your fake pee in no time at all.

First, open one of the heating pads and stick it to the flask with the fake urine. It should be located between the bag and the belt, opposite of the temperature strip. The heating pad doesn’t necessarily have to be completely straight, but make sure to attach it properly.

Then, wrap the belt around your waist. The belt can fit up to a 54″ waist, so it can be adjusted to fit most people. Set the belt so that the temperature strip touches your skin. That way, you will help warm it.

The temperature is the main indicator of whether the urine sample is genuine or fake, so it’s essential that you get it right. Therefore, you should wear the belt for at least one hour. However, if you want to be sure the temperature is just right, start the process even earlier. The heating pads work for 8 hours, so you can start as early as that.

Afterward, when you get to the lab, it’s essential that you check the temperature of the sample. If it is anywhere between 90 and 100 degrees, you’re good to go.

Finally, in the privacy of the toilet cabin, unfasten the white clips on the flask and transfer the contents into the testing cup.

Extra advice: Are you wondering if you could warm the urine sample in a microwave? The answer to this question is no. You will mess up the sample if you try this, so please, don’t.

Why should you use Monkey Whizz?

Monkey Whizz has many advantages over other similar products. Here are some of them.

1. It has the ideal urine composition

The most common problem with synthetic urine is that it is easily detectable under more detailed lab scrutiny. This is why synthetic urine is generally not considered reliable.

However, Monkey Whizz perfectly imitates the composition of real human urine and contains everything that the lab technicians will be looking for. Unlike many other synthetic products, it contains uric acid, which is the most important ingredient for distinguishing fake from real urine.

It also has creatine, another crucial element for fooling the test. More importantly, it contains it in just the right dosage — not too little and not too much — so it won’t trigger any fake sample warnings.

2. It mimics real urine perfectly

Monkey Whizz mimics real urine in more than just its color, smell, and ingredients. It also has a well-balanced pH level. What does that mean exactly?

If you shake Monkey Whizz urine, it will foam up, just as the real urine would. Moreover, if you leave the flask open for a few days, it will grow real bacteria. Now, who could ever say that is fake urine?

3. Easy to use and portable

Using Monkey Whizz is quite simple, as already demonstrated. A huge advantage over other products is that it includes the adjustable belt that will help you warm up and smuggle the sample into the lab without anyone noticing.

Moreover, the flask is smaller than those included in similar products, so it’s pretty undetectable — no one will notice it’s hiding under your shirt.

4. Monkey Whizz respects your privacy

Certainly, the worst thing that could happen is someone finding out that you’re trying to fool a drug test. Luckily, Monkey Whizz has thought about that.

In order to ensure confidentiality, once you receive your package containing Monkey Whizz, nothing on it will imply what’s hidden inside. Also, the name of the company won’t even appear on your credit card bills.

Where can I get Monkey Whizz?

Monkey Whizz can be found online in many places, including Amazon, and even eBay. However, you should order it directly from the manufacturer, at the Monkey Whizz website. That way, you will know for sure that the product is of high quality. If you get it anywhere else, it might be fake stock, out of date, or stored poorly.

Furthermore, Monkey Whizz understands that you may be in a hurry and can ship the product to you overnight. Thus, even if you find out about the test only a day in advance, you’ll still have enough time to prepare.

In conclusion

As this Monkey Whizz review has shown, this is a high-quality synthetic urine brand. If you’re looking for a reliable product to help you fool a urine drug test, Monkey Whizz might be the perfect choice for you.

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