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Heinzerling Foundation

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Heinzerling Foundation
Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace, Company of the Year Award – 2014
Medium Business, 201-999 Employees


The Heinzerling Foundation is a private, non-profit organization that consists of two residential facilities dedicated to the care, education and treatment of 208 non-ambulatory individuals with severe to profound levels of developmental disabilities.

What inspired you to start a drug-free workplace program? We found ourselves in a situation years ago in which we discovered that three of our staff had used marijuana on their lunch break. Our only tool was an ineffective one page policy that simply stated a position of intolerance. After talking with knowledgeable staff at the organization that would eventually become known as Working Partners, Inc., we realized we needed a much more comprehensive program. Safety is paramount in the care of our residents. A drug-free workplace program goes a long way towards ensuring that we have a safe environment for our residents as well as our staff. Though not our primary motivation, we have also been incentivized to have a DFWP by the premium discounts available to us from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.

How do you define success for your business? Success is focused on the individuals who live at Heinzerling since they are the heart of our organization. We gauge our success by the progress our residents make towards meeting their individual goals in such areas as mobility, social interaction, communication and awareness of their environment. Parents and guardians consistently indicate a great deal of trust and confidence in the level of care we provide to their family members. Medicaid certification and Licensure surveys reinforce our reputation for quality care that we provide to individuals with intense complex needs.

What do you suggest to other companies like yours who are considering a drug-free workplace program? Get started by teaming up with a knowledgeable firm that can provide guidance for developing a comprehensive program that is workable, legal and makes sense. A successful drug-free workplace program consists of much more than testing. Partnering with an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that provides support and case management to those dealing with alcohol and other drug abuse demonstrates a company’s concern and commitment to their employees. It is an integral part of our culture.