Prescription Opioids: Free Employee Education Video

Has the line between legal “therapeutic prescription drugs” and illegal “street drugs” become so faint that either will do?… Continue reading

10 Facts About Marijuana

Marijuana is having increasingly widespread and detrimental effects on American society. Those Americans who support enforcing existing laws on marijuana (a Schedule I drug under the federal Controlled Substances Act) are being attacked in the media and by those who … Continue reading

5.4 Million Americans Are Daily Marijuana Users

The number of Americans using marijuana daily is on the rise – and sharply so. According to the most recent Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health (“Survey”), 5.4 million people aged 12 … Continue reading

Alcohol Testing at .04

Recently we were asked by a U.S. company revising it’s policy whether there is any precedent for setting workplace blood-alcohol levels at 0.04 for purposes of determining impairment in the U.S. or internationally. The answer? Sure there is. Setting the … Continue reading

Happy Anniversary, Drug-Free Workplace Act

The Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988, signed into law by President Ronald Reagan, had its 25th anniversary of enactment on November 18, 2013. The law was enacted by Congress in the context of two highly publicized events at the time … Continue reading

Hydrocodone is the #1 Prescribed Drug in the U.S.

Abuse of prescription drugs, especially painkillers, continues to increase and be an alarming trend in American society – and American workplaces. The Quest Diagnostics Drug-Testing Index reports that Hydrocodone, the #1 prescribed drug in the U.S. over the last seven … Continue reading

Marijuana-Related Fatal Vehicle Accidents Increase 112 Percent in Six Years in Colorado

In 2012, the Colorado Department of Transportation (“Colorado DOT”) reported that 12.2 percent of those drivers who were tested for illicit drug use after fatal traffic accidents, tested positive for “marijuana only.” Overall, even without testing, at least 7.4 percent … Continue reading

More Pot Equals More DUIs in Washington

The liberalization of marijuana laws is producing more impaired drivers according to the Washington State Patrol. There has been a 49-percent increase in the rate of positives for marijuana among drivers stopped by State Troopers for suspicion of Driving Under … Continue reading

Wax: The 24-Hour High from a Potent Marijuana Product

Wax. Honey. Dabs. The many names of marijuana extracts and concentrates do not sound so harmful, but U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (“DEA”) agents in California are not convinced. Despite “wax” increasingly, alarmingly, and legally being embraced by users in Colorado, … Continue reading

Prescription Drugs and Pain Management

What needs to change in pain management? Despite broad consensus that we have a problem, prescription painkillers are being abused in this country. The rate of deaths and hospitalizations due to painkiller abuse is high and climbing steadily in the … Continue reading