Certo Drug Test Detox — A Simple Home Remedy for Acing the Test

Certo Drug Test Detox — A Simple Home Remedy for Acing the Test

If you use drugs recreationally, regularly, or even if you just had one joint during your vacation last month, the revelation that you have to do a drug test probably terrified you. Whether you have to take the test as a part of your parole, pre-employment process, or because your parents are forcing you to, the stakes are high. If this is the case, you’ve probably considered doing the Certo drug test detox.

Certo has become a popular method for fooling drug tests. It’s cheap, simple to use, and readily available. However, does it really work?

Let’s see what Certo drug test detox is and if it will help you ace the test.

What is Certo drug test detox?

Oddly enough, Certo isn’t a product designed for fooling drug tests. It’s a brand name for fruit pectin. Its primary purpose is to make jam or jelly with it. Can you believe someone thought of using it for acing drug tests?

Fruit pectin, which is concentrated fruit sugar extract, is a polysaccharide naturally found in sweet fruits like apples, berries, peaches, and pears. It is highly-soluble fiber, which makes it great for detoxifying your body.

Certo drug test detox is a method of detoxification using fruit pectin. It can help with both urine and blood tests. The idea is to use pectins to drive the toxins out, so that, by the time you get tested, there aren’t any drug metabolites left in your body.

So, how does this method work? The first thing you need to know is that THC is primarily eliminated from the body through your stool. However, drug metabolites can also find a way to get to your blood and urine, where they are easily detectable.

Fruit pectin stops the THC metabolites from spreading through your blood and reduces their traces in your urine. Moreover, it binds the metabolites to the ingested fat and increases bowel movement, so the drugs will leave your system through “the back door” pretty soon.

How to do the Certo drug test detox

A great thing about this detox method is that you can easily acquire everything you need. You don’t have to order things online and wait forever until you receive them — a quick trip to your local store will be enough.

Here’s what you need:

  • Two packs of Certo
  • Two 32-ounce sports drinks rich in electrolytes
  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Multivitamin
  • Vitamin B2
  • Water

Once you get everything you need, you can start the detox.

First of all, you must stop using all substances. It’s highly recommended that you do that immediately after finding out about the test.

About two days before the test, start drinking as much water as you possibly can. Water will help flush out the toxins and might also dilute your urine. Therefore, you’ll have better chances of passing the test.

The night before the test, mix one of the Certo packs with one of the sports drinks. Shake the bottle well until Certo dissolves completely. The mixture should become thick, similar to jelly. Now, you have 15 minutes to drink all of it — you might not like the taste, but your body will need a lot of pectin in order to detox.

On the day of the test, drink a gallon of water, preferably around three hours before the test. Then, two hours before the test, mix the other Certo pack with the remaining sports drink, and again, drink everything in 15 minutes. Also, this is the best time to take a multivitamin, vitamin B2, and creatine. They will regulate the urine composition, so lab technicians won’t notice that you cheated.

Finally, make sure you urinate at least three or four times before you take the test. That way, the sample will include your cleanest urine.

Extra tips on using the Certo method

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t skip any step of these instructions. For example, if you take the second dose of Certo mixture less than two hours before the test, it probably won’t work.

Moreover, when drinking a gallon of water on the day of the test, do it slowly, and don’t drink more liquid than that. Too much water can cause intoxication, so be careful.

Finally, a good way to check if this method works is to get a home drug test kit and do it before leaving to take the real test.

Does the Certo drug test detox work?

Just like with any method of fooling drug tests, the problem with Certo is that it’s not 100% reliable. If you’ve used any drugs, you can never be sure that you’ll manage to pass the test.

Moreover, while there’s quite a lot of anecdotal evidence that the Certo method works, there is no scientific proof that it will detox your body completely.

However, if you have little time to prepare for the test, and you can’t risk substituting your urine because you know your test will be supervised, Certo is probably the safest way to go.

Bear in mind that Certo will work only if you don’t use drugs regularly. If there is a significant amount of drug metabolites in your body, the Certo drug test detox won’t be enough to get all those toxins out of your system.

If you still haven’t decided if Certo is the right method for you, this list of pros and cons may help you.


  • Simple to do
  • Inexpensive
  • You can get everything you need in the local store
  • Detoxifies your whole body
  • Provides dietary fiber


  • Causes diarrhea
  • Drinking too much water can be harmful
  • Has a terrible taste
  • Not 100% reliable

In conclusion

Using home remedies is not the safest way to fool a drug test. Substituting your urine would probably work better, especially if you’re a regular drug user. However, substitution is quite risky, and if you’re afraid of getting caught, the Certo drug test detox is a better option for you.

You won’t have to spend lots of money on it, and you don’t need much time to prepare.  If you find out about your test only a day or two in advance, this is probably your safest bet.

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