Get the Facts on Marijuana

Detrimental Impact on Education: Marijuana use interferes with “memory, problem-solving, and learning.” Even occasional marijuana use has been found to lower IQ by as much as eight points, according to the National Academies of Science. Coronary and Respiratory Problems: The heart rate of a marijuana user increases by up to 100 percent for roughly three hours … Read moreGet the Facts on Marijuana

Should Employees Be Tested for Drugs?

When drug testing is conducted with appropriate procedural safeguards, is consistently applied, and is implemented as part of a policy that is well-communicated, drug testing benefits the employee and the employer. In fact, 20 Gallup surveys of employees conducted by the Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace (two national surveys, a Canadian national survey, and 17 … Read moreShould Employees Be Tested for Drugs?

Drug & Alcohol Prevention Policies in the Workplace

To Begin Establish a Drug- and Alcohol-Abuse Prevention Policy Whether the substance abuse occurs at home or at work, employees who abuse alcohol and drugs (including illegal drugs, prescription drugs, and over-the-counter drugs) can create significant issues for both employers and other employees. Employees who abuse drugs have been shown to have lower job performance, … Read moreDrug & Alcohol Prevention Policies in the Workplace